Implement maker receives carbon certification

Carbon Trust | Certification from British company allows Seed Hawk to apply carbon footprint decals on its equipment

A Saskatchewan Research Council audit has determined that use of Seed Hawk machines merits Carbon Trust certification because of the company’s small carbon footprint.

Carbon Trust is an independent company in the United Kingdom that assesses the carbon footprint by all types of activities.

With the certification, Seed Hawk can apply a footprint decal logo to its 45 and XL series tool bars, with and without sectional control. The 30 series will also receive the big footprint logo, which signifies certification.

The Carbon Trust endorsement does not relate to the buying and selling of carbon credits, said Seed Hawk founder Pat Beaujot. He said carbon credits farmers might earn through zero till relates to soil management and not to the specific seeding equipment used on the land.

“This Carbon Trust certification is intended to be used as a communications tool to help farmers tell mainstream society about their no-till environmental initiatives,” he said.

“For us, this is the first step in our overall plan to help no-till farmers inform society that their initiatives are friendly to the environment. Society is asking, the consumer is asking, about the carbon footprint of a loaf of bread or any other food product they buy.

“Well, no-till farmers have a very positive response for mainstream society. I wanted to help farmers tell that story. That’s what this Carbon Trust logo is all about for us.”

He said Seed Hawk is next planning to help no-till farmers figure out how much carbon they sequester on their farms.

“We need to document carbon sequestering, but we also need to document the reduction in fuel used in no-till farming. That’s another carbon footprint aspect of no-till farming society needs to understand.”

There was a cost involved in contracting with SRC to study the Seed Hawk operation. Although the documentation pertained specifically to their Langbank factory, Beaujot concedes the end result of the Carbon Trust certification will benefit all zero-till farmers, regardless of which brand of drill they have. And, it will also benefit all manufacturers of zero-till seeding equipment.

“You know, I can live with that. This whole certification is somewhat of a goodwill gesture. It’s not going to put a lot of money in the bank for us, but it says what our company is all about.”

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