ADM purchase plan includes Canadian malting firm

Canada Malting facilities owned by GrainCorp are located in:

Canada’s largest malting company could soon move from Australian ownership to American.

Archer Daniels Midland offered to buy Australia-based grain company GrainCorp April 26 in a deal valued at $3 billion.

Canada Malting Co. is also expected to fall under ADM control if the deal goes ahead.

GrainCorp acquired Canada Malting and other global malting assets in 2009 as part of a $714 million deal with United Malt Holdings.

Canada Malting is the largest malting company in Canada, producing 450,000 tonnes of malt per year.

It owns nine country elevators in Western Canada as well as malting plants in Calgary, Thunder Bay and Montreal.

It also owns container facilities, malting warehouses and transload facilities in Canada.

Canada Malting is one of a handful of companies that make up GrainCorp’s global malting operations.

GrainCorp Malt also operates in the United States as Great Western Malting Co., in Australia as Barret Burnston Malting, in the United Kingdom as Baird’s Malting and in Germany as Schill Malz.

The ADM-Graincorp agreement is subject to regulatory approvals in China and Australia. It is also conditional upon there being no superior offer for GrainCorp from other companies.

Bob Chappell, Canada Malting’s senior director of grain for North America, declined comment on the deal. Jay Hamachek, a media contact for GrainCorp Malt in Vancouver, Washington, could not be reached for comment.

If the ADM deal is approved, GrainCorp shareholders will receive $13.20 Aus per share, comprising a cash payment of $12.20 per share plus dividends worth $1 per share.

Additional payments will be paid to shareholders if the deal is not closed by Oct. 1, 2013.

GrainCorp is one of the leading grain handlers in Australia, receiving 75 percent of the grain produced in eastern Australia.

It also handles 90 percent of bulk grain exports originating in eastern Australia.

  • Alberta: Bawlf, Beiseker, Lyalta, Niobe
  • Saskatchewan: Leross, Watrous, Wapella
  • Manitoba: Mariapolis, Norman

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