CFIA cites new concerns at XL plant

A week after resuming cattle slaughter at the XL plant at the centre of an E.coli scare, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has once again raised concerns at the plant.

“As would be expected in a facility that has not been in regular operation for some time, there have been some observations made by CFIA that resulted in the CFIA issuing new Corrective Action Requests to XL Foods Inc. since the plant reopened,” said a Nov. 4 CFIA news release.

Concerns included: condensation on pipes in the tripe room, water in a sanitizer was not maintained at a high temperature, meat cutting areas were not adequately cleaned and no sanitizing chemical solution was put in mats used for cleaning employees’ boots, said the release.

The news release said overall safety concerns at the plant are being “effectively managed.”

JBS USA took over management of the XL plant in Brooks after 17 people became sick from E.coli contaminated meat from the plant.

Because of the latest concerns, CFIA has ordered potentially contaminated product be rendered and sanitizers be immediately brought into compliance.

CFIA has requested corrective action plans from the company on how they will ensure compliance in the near and long term.

On Nov. 2, the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service visited the plant to see if meat from the plant can once again be exported to the U.S.

There has been no word on the results.

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