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You can spend a little or a lot on steak. Here are the most common of the more expensive cuts:

What to barbecue?

  • Tenderloin: Medallions or filets cut from the loin section are the leanest, most tender and most expensive
  • Strip loin: Often called New York steak, it is not as tender as tenderloin, but some consider it the tastiest cut
  • T-bone: It has tenderloin on one side of the bone and strip loin on the other. Both sides are flavourful
  • Porterhouse: Similar in appearance to T-bones but they have a larger piece of tenderloin. If priced the same, choose porterhouse over a T-bone
  • Top sirloin: Usually a thick cut. It is a little tougher than rib and loin cuts, but flavourful
  • Rib eye: Considered an alternative to tenderloin, a rib eye has fine texture and should be delicately marbled.

Source: Canadian Living and staff research


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