Dozer blade gathers forage under wings

Degelman’s Pile Driver built to move forage

Degelman Industries has designed a new dozer blade specifically for pushing forages in the pit.

“It’s designed to give the operator more blade and more control in the pit,” said Paul Degelman of his company’s new Pile Driver.

The centre section is 10 feet wide. A four-foot wing at each side can be independently controlled to run at virtually any angle. Each wing has independent lift and tilt.

“You can tuck one wing in and set the other side at any angle you need,” Degelman said.

“You can put the tractor tire right on the edge of the wall to get the best packing all across the bunker.”

Even in fresh silage, the Pile Driver maintains 55 inches of working height.

As well, Degelman said it folds up narrower than the tractor for transit.

He said no blade model is ever good enough. The engineering staff is continuously looking for weak points and making upgrades.

“It’s an ongoing challenge to make the blades stronger and capable of doing more work. And the sub-frame has to be sleek so you’re not dragging silage down the hill when you back up. Plus, farmers no longer want to cut and weld. They want bolt-on sub-frames that let them get into and out of the blade as fast as possible.

“The sub-frames we have now for centre-articulated tractors get in-stalled once and stays in place. Our Quick-Attach D-Lock mounting system lets the operator back out of the blade in one minute and get back into it again in two minutes, without help and without tools.”

He said all designs are based on the horsepower, weight and potential traction of the tractor for which it’s intended. For example, the engineers know that a QuadTrac has almost no slippage.

“We put the steel where it’s needed so the operator can do a full 600 horsepower of work in the silage pit. If you spend the money for 600 horsepower and ultimate traction, then you want a blade to make full use of the investment.”

Degelman makes it clear that the Pile Driver is intended for silage, not for bush clearing or roadwork.

“We have other blades for those jobs. Our Extreme Duty dozer blade is an industrial blade that lets your 4×4 do anything a D6 Cat can do.”

The Pile Driver lists for $40,000, about the same as the Extreme Duty blade. All five of the Pile Drivers that the company has built have been sold to custom forage harvesters in California.

For more information, contact Degelman at 306-543-4447 or visit

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