Twisted Tiger: ripper or chisel plow?

BRANDON — Buying one machine to perform two distinct functions can be a good deal, provided it does both jobs properly.

The latest cultivation implement from German manufacturer Michael Horsch is the Tiger, designed to meet high standards as a chisel plow working at four to six inches, a ripper working at 14 inches, or both jobs simultaneously at 10 to 12 inches.

Horsch designed the shank to serve both purposes, said Tom Wiebe of Genag in Winkler, Man., a dealer for Horsch Anderson.

“We had one machine for field demos in southern Manitoba last fall,” Wiebe said. “Rather than going in with your chisel plow to manage the stubble, then going back again with your ripper, the Tiger can do it all in a single pass.”

An aerodynamic-looking heavy casting at the top houses the spring and pivot point. The tip is shaped like a flat scoop and just above the tip, a curved blade of steel, or deflector plate, twists oncoming soil off to the side. It has enough angle to incorporate stubble into the soil, much like a twisted chisel. The mixing promotes organic decay of the residue.

The deflector plate allows both residue management and ripping to happen in the same pass.

“Normally, a ripper has a narrow edge-on shank or a sliver shank,” Wiebe said.

However, because the twisted deflector handles stubble at the surface, you can run the tip down at 10 or 12 inches in the same operation, so you’re doing your ripping at the same time. And it doesn’t go around digging trenches in your field. That deflector plate really incorporates stubble into the soil.”

The tip and twisted deflector blade on the front row remain in place for chisel plow and ripper operations, but the wings are removed for straight ripper work at 12 to 14 inches. The trips are permanently set at 1,200 pounds. Wiebe said they ran the Tiger at six to eight m.p.h.

The levellers comprise the second row, and the full width packers at the back leave a smooth firm field finish.

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