Lying under a pile of grain . . .

I feel like I’m lying under a pile of grain, with millions of kernels – each tiny in weight – crushing my ability to breathe.

Each kernel is something fascinating that has come up in the last two months of Meeting Season, Pt. 2, which is the period between New Year’s and early March in which oodles of  farm and commodity organization have conferences and conventions. And each of those kernels is something I just haven’t had time to write up or research yet, because every week brings with it another two or three day conference I have to cover. I get a few stories written, but lots of things simply sit in my notebooks, perhaps to be lost and forgotten.

Fortunately I have a few days in the office this week, with early March bringing with it a lightening of the meeting schedule, so I am wandering through my  notebooks, saving ideas for the coming slow April to September season. When farmers are farming, very few meetings occur. This is the great cyclicality of prairie farm journalism.

I have leftover ideas from: St. Jean Farm Days, Manitoba Ag Days, the Manitoba Swine Seminar, Keystone Agricultural Producers, Grow Canada, Prairie Oat Growers Association, CAAR, and all the events that have surrounded the CWB thingamadoodle. And of course there was Grainworld last week, which contained enough for a month of stories.

Hmmmmmmmm. How to tackle it all . . .

(Above: The famous Ed White, in the palatial Winnipeg bureau, thinking hard.)

Ahhhh. I’ve got it! Hurrah!! I’ll start at now, and work backwards.

(Above: Ed White experiences a Eureka! moment.)

That means I’ll plough through Grainworld first, and move sequentially into the past.

Cool. Glad I’ve  got that sorted out.

Well, with the thinking done, now it’s just the work.

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