Bison prices, demand up

North Battleford sale | Producers worry higher prices may reduce demand

Attendance at the March 3 bison sale in North Battleford, Sask., was good news for Saskatchewan Bison Association president Les Kroeger.

“Some of the bigger players in the marketing were there. The future looks pretty strong and the markets are holding very well,” he said.

While record high bison meat prices have created optimism in the industry, there is also concern that they are reducing demand.

“The thing that we’re looking most at is to try to ensure that we can keep filling the markets that are there. If you don’t fill the markets, you stand to lose them: meat, wholesale, retail market,” he said.

“The demand is still there for the high-end cuts. There’s still a demand in the European market and a large part of our domestic market isn’t getting filled right now because of the shortage of good animals.”

The grand champion male was awarded to Elk Valley Ranches, which sold for $6,000.00.

The reserve champion male was awarded to MFL Ranches and sold for $6,750.

Premier breeder was awarded to Torch River Bison.

Taylor Bison won gold in the breeding class for 2011 bull calves, while Torch River Bison received the high price of $2,050 for bulls calves in the 500-600 pound category.

The average was $1,558.33.

Taylor Bison received the high price of $2,050 for bull calves in the 601-675 lb. range with an average sale price of $1,762.50.

Elk Valley Ranches won gold for 2010 yearling bulls.

Beaver Creek Wood Bison had the high price of $1,700. In the 900-1,000 lb. weight category, Shale Creek Bison recorded the high price of $5,400 in the 1,001-1,100 lb. category and Silver Creek Bison had the high price of $6,750 in the 1,101-1,450 lb. category.

Taylor Bison also won gold for the 2011 heifer calves pen of three.

The average price was $1,243.75 in the 400-500 lb. category.

Torch River Bison won gold for the 2010 yearling heifers pen of three.

The average price was $2,212.50 in the 700-950 lb. weight category.

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