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Hydraulic elevator | E-Zee Loader does the heavy lifting
and can be custom designed for every cart on the market

BRANDON — Filling an air cart with bagged canola seed and inoculant makes for a gruelling day, especially if you start at 4 a.m. and run until 9 p.m.

Carrying bags becomes a time factor and a danger on dew- and dust-greased stairs and ladders.

It wears you out physically and mentally, and that’s when accidents happen, says Leighton Schappert, inventor of the E-Zee Loader hydraulic elevator for air carts.

Many producers prefer bagged canola seed because it has a lower percentage of cracked seed compared to seed augured into the air cart, resulting in better germination.

Schappert, who runs Roadside Ironworks at Marchwell, Sask., says his brother wanted an easier and quicker way to get bagged canola to the top of the air tank.

“He had been carrying bags up the stairs,” says Schappert.

“Or else he had to make sure the guy with the loader tractor picking stones was always in the same field. And that’s not efficient. So I built the first E-Zee Loader.

“The geometry wasn’t quite right and the hydraulics weren’t quite right first time around. There was a two-foot free fall when the platform came down.”

Schappert says once he got the bugs worked out, the E-Zee Loader works as easily as one, two, three.

One — Position the bag hauler next to the lift platform and transfer bags.

Two — Using the existing auger hydraulics, raise the platform up to the catwalk.

Three — Dump bags into the cart.

The device bolts directly to the cart frame and plumbs into the auger hydraulics.

Cart modification and welding are not necessary. There’s one cylinder to control up and down. There is no swing or in/out movement of the platform.

The parallel linkage arm makes the platform self-leveling. The arm locks solidly into place for transport, storage and when pulling bags off the platform.

“I’ve been sort of leaning toward getting into manufacturing,” says Schappert, who runs a fabrication shop specializing in lathe work and welding. “This will be our first product. The unit on display is for a 1900 or 1910 cart.

“I’ll develop a new design for every cart on the market. And we can custom design a loader if someone has a special request.”

List price for the E-Zee Loader is $5,490, including all plumbing.

For more information, contact Leighton Schappert at 306-743-5022 or e-mail

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