President brings experience to table

EDMONTON — Southern Alberta farmer Lynn Jacobson is the new president of Wild Rose Agricultural Producers in Alberta.

Jacobson takes over leadership of the general farm organization from Humphrey Banack, who is stepping down after four years as president and a previous two years as a member of the board of directors.

Jacobson was the organization’s first vice-president and believes his years with the provincial farm organization will help him move the organization forward.

“I’ve been training for this position,” Jacobson said after being elected during the group’s annual meeting.

Jacobson said he believes policy changes made during the annual meeting to allow corporate and commodity organizations to join Wild Rose will help strengthen its base.

While 22 organizations belong to WRAP, most of the membership comes from the province’s dwindling farm population as individual members.

“It’s time we all come together and speak with one voice. It’s very necessary,” he said.

Changes made by the federal government to remove the Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly powers may also reduce the polarization between commodity organizations.

WRAP’s policy was to allow farmers to decide the future of the wheat board.

“That’s been a source of friction between a lot of groups.”

Jacobson will continue lobbying the provincial government to allow for a checkoff or other funding mechanism to ensure a more secure financial future for the group.

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