Journos fall into the inevitability of the logic

Yesterday I did a 45 minute phone interview with Canada’s leading expert on agricultural cooperatives and the history of coop movements. This, of course, was inspired by the CWB issue and me looking for wise words to set the historical context.

As I got off the phone, I saw in my Twitter inbox that Karen Briere, our Regina reporter, had retweeted a tweet on the U of Guelph doing a podcast with the same man I’d just been talking with. And then this morning as I listened to CBC’s The Current, I heard a half hour of discussion about the pros and cons of Coops and why some succeed and some fail. That wasn’t about the CWB mess, but about the whole anti-corporate thing, and not with the same interviewee, but still, coops seem to be the jourmalistic flavour of the day.

Remember a couple of days ago when I blogged about the logical inevitability of the supply management issue being raised by the CWB issue – no matter what the federal government wants?

Well, apparently the same thing applies to journalists looking for impacts from the CWB, and what they mean.

We are all unwitting members of a pack of logical extension.

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