Seven billion people

Today the world’s population stands at seven billion and counting. The United Nations picked today somewhat arbitrarily, since no one can pinpoint exactly when number seven billion will join our ranks. Roughly 4.5 billion people have been added to the world population in just the last 60 years, according to UN estimates.
What does seven billion people look like? MSNBC has an interesting look at crowding. Check it out by clicking here.
After looking at these photos, I’m grateful to be living on the Prairies, where there are still wide open spaces where one can wander without seeing too many other people. Where one can see vast landscapes, wide skies and nature’s majesty in all its forms.

Jason Bradley strolls a pasture on Red Deer River Ranche in the Alberta foothills near Sundre.

Two photos shown here were taken this fall, near Sundre and near Del Bonita in southern Alberta.

A lonely road beckons travellers toward the Alberta Rockies near the Remington Ranch west of Del Bonita.

They are quite a contrast to the MSNBC photos, aren’t they?



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