Feast of field days

I’ve had the privilege of attending quite a number of crop field days lately and expect to attend quite a few more before the season is out. These events are great opportunities to learn about crop development, get itchy over disease and insect issues, get the low down or the update on research projects and talk with farmers about what’s going on.

Whether a day or half day or multiple days, these events are packed with information, whichever way you look at it. Among the most useful elements are farmers’ opportunities to talk with each other and compare experiences with certain crops or agronomic issues.

This is the first summer in awhile that I’ve covered quite a few field days and the amount of organization and information that goes into them is impressive.

I’ve noticed a few other consistencies, and you might see some too in the accompanying photos:

  1. Usually more than enough coffee and not quite enough doughnuts.
  2. A few unfortunate folks who unwittingly get caught in the long line of pick-up trucks travelling from field to field.
  3. Intelligent questions and intelligent answers.
  4. Insects.
  5. Comments on the number of weeds in evidence.
  6. A friendly farm dog or two.
  7. A lot of wind or a lot of sun or both.
  8. Latecomers.
  9. Some guy in a Tilley hat. Not always the same guy.
  10. Fields where you shouldn’t drive a low-slung Volkswagen Jetta.