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Varieties receive extension

Prairie wheat growers have until July 31 to deliver two deregistered varieties of wheat into the Canada Prairie Spring Wheat class.

The varieties, Snowhite 475 and Snowhite 476, will remain eligible for grades 1 and 2 until the end of the crop year, the Canadian Grain Commission has announced.

The grades were formally deregistered in April, which normally means the commission would immediately remove them from its eligibility list.

However, chief grain inspector Randy Dennis said the commission decided to do things differently this time because the announcement was made so late in the crop year.

“We wanted to ensure individual producers weren’t affected negatively by the change so we put it off to the end of the crop year,” he said.

“We weren’t expecting very much to be delivered. We just wanted the situation to be clear to everybody.”

He advised producers of all varieties of wheat, malting barley, flaxseed and solin to check the “variety designation lists” section of to make sure they aren’t growing deregistered varieties.


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