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CWB monopoly candidate Stewart Wells, in the Sept. 9Western Producer,said the CWB elections will send a message to Ottawa.

The only message going to Ottawa should be that this is the seventh CWB election run under highly questionable guidelines. This election has absolutely no credibility on the basis that there is no way to check who has voted in this process. Under this computer system set up by Ralph Goodale and the Liberals, there is no check. …

Voter turnout is less than 40 percent under the present process. Less than 40 percent is proof farmers have no confidence in the system. Monopolies by their own nature are incompetent and corrupt. Choice and competition can change any corrupt or incompetent situation.

Nobody is saying do away with the monopoly. Just give those a chance who want freedom, who believe in freedom, an option, a choice and competition.

The CWB (says it) can’t compete without a monopoly. The monopoly is incompetent by its own admission, the only business in the world that has ever pleaded incompetence to retain its position.

Politicians, federal and provincial, toured the provinces in Western Canada in 2010 to look at disaster flooding and came up with an aid package. Western Canada lives under a monopoly and only Western Canada. Anyone who is forced to live under the disaster of a monopoly should qualify for an aid package every year.

Art Mainil,

Benson, Sask.

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