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Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin

I’ve written in blogs past about Temple Grandin, arguably the world’s foremost expert on livestock handling. I met her when she visited the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon last year and made her usual positive impression on veterinary students and the public.
Grandin has been in the news again lately with a few more tributes to her expertise. In late July, she was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, the largest cattle group in the United States.
A new release recounting the announcement said Grandin has revolutionized the way cattle producers handle livestock.
“She has reminded the world that one person really can make a difference,” said Tom Field of the NCBA. “Beyond this industry, she has given renewed hope to autistics around the globe.”
Grandin credits her autism with her ability to visualize facilities and stimuli as animals do. Her life story was the subject of a television movie aired earlier this year on HBO, starring Claire Danes in the lead role.
That movie, simply called Temple Grandin, has been nominated for 15 Emmy awards. Emmy winners are scheduled to be announced Aug. 29.



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