Women’s group wants disaster alert system

Preventing disasters is the goal of several of the resolutions passed at the recent annual meeting of Saskat-chewan Women’s Institutes.

One asked that radio or TV warnings of severe weather be preceded by a siren to alert people to potential danger.

Another suggested that the pro-vince and rural municipalities adopt a system of numbering rural roads by township and range for easier identification for emergency vehicles.

On farm inputs, the SWI members asked for lower fuel prices and also suggested pesticides and other sprays have measures in both metric and imperial on their labels.

The reason is “some older farmers find conversion difficult, if not impossible. This will stop the overuse of chemicals when not needed and crops will not be damaged by overuse.”

SWI president Doreen Holden said the future for prairie farmers still looks “scary.” The southeastern Sask-atchewan farmer said her son has stopped raising hogs, even though prices are good now.

“It costs $80 to $100 for a baby pig and a year or two ago you couldn’t sell a market hog for $30. Canola used to be $5 a bushel.”

Holden said members are supportive of the SWI and voted to raise the membership fee to $30 from $25.

She reported that provincial agriculture minister, Dwain Lingenfelter has offered no funding, but did promise help for a membership drive for the 250-woman organization.

His officials will help the SWI do a needs assessment with Saskatchewan farm women to see what training and information they might want from the group.


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