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About the Newsletters

Producer Daily

The Producer Daily is a collection of breaking ag news stories published online during the previous 24-hour period. On occasion, popular stories from the current printed edition of The Western Producer are also featured.

Markets Moment

The Markets Moment is a once or three-times per day snapshot of the market activity of all the frequently-traded commodities of interest to western Canadian producers.

Markets Moment Special Edition

The Markets Moment Special Edition is a once per week (Tuesdays) look at commodities popular among western Canadian producers, though not traded as frequently as those featured in the Markets Moment.

Subscriber Exclusives

Subscriber Exclusives is infrequent (averaging less than once per month) offering from The Western Producer for contests, special offers and discounts.

Sponsored Offers

Sponsored Offers a once per week email that gives you access to select Western Producer partner offers that help you run your business.

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