U.S. 2014 corn forecast trimmed

CHICAGO (Reuters) — Private analytics firm Informa Economics lowered its forecast for U.S. 2014 corn plantings to 91.581 million acres from its previous outlook of 93.029 million, the firm said in a note to clients on Thursday.

Informa also raised its soybean plantings forecast to 82.073 million acres, from its March 25 estimate of 81.204 million.

For wheat, the firm estimated U.S. 2014 plantings of spring wheat other than durum at 12.059 million acres, down from 12.298 million in March, and durum wheat plantings at 1.799 million acres, from 1.808 million previously.

Informa pegged U.S. 2014 all-wheat plantings at 56.065 million acres, versus 56.648 million in March.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture currently forecasts U.S. 2014 corn plantings at 91.7 million acres, soybeans at 81.5 million acres and all-wheat at 55.8 million acres.