Genetic selection coming to bee sector

BEAVERLODGE, Alta. — Variability of traits in honeybees is similar to the variability of traits in other livestock, and researchers are working to identify markers so beekeepers and honey producers can select for the traits they want most.

Renata Borba, a post-doctoral researcher at the Agriculture Canada research farm in Beaverlodge, said work on the project, dubbed Bee’Omics, is underway in five regions of the country.

“We are looking at 12 economically valuable traits, traits that beekeepers find very important,” said Borba during the 64th annual beekeepers field day at the research farm.

“All 12 traits that we are studying are traits that are heritable. We’re going to collect samples from these colonies and look at their protein and their DNA to find these pieces, these specific proteins or group of proteins, or one specific gene or group of genes, that correlate to that behaviour.”

The traits include honey production, brood production, hygienic behaviour, grooming behaviour, overwintering ability, aggression behaviour, varroa resistance, healthy gut biome and several other innate immunity characteristics.

“We’re developing these markers so beekeepers can select for colonies that have those traits and they can breed from those colonies, so they can have better colonies, healthier colonies, colonies that produce more,” said Borba.

Amy Needham and Ian Hof, who both work on the pest management team for the city of Grande Prairie, extract nectar from canola flowers during the open house. | Barb Glen photo

Honey and brood production are obviously important to beekeepers. Hygienic behaviour, for example, may be a lesser known but highly desirable trait.

Hygienic bees can quickly identify brood that is infected, sick or dead and remove it from the colony before any virus or disease spreads.

Bees with good grooming be-haviour are able to more readily remove varroa mites from their bodies. Varroa mites carry a virus that kills bees.

“Some genetic lines are known for having the ability to reduce on their own the infection level of varroa mites,” Borba said.

Genomics and proteomics are both being used as research tools so researchers can identify more robust markers that beekeepers can use for a long time.

This is the second year of the Bee’Omics project with research underway in Beaverlodge, Lethbridge, British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario.

Borba said about 1,000 colonies were studied last year, and this year researchers will repeat and validate the markers identified last year. That will involve testing about 550 colonies across Canada.


  • Harold

    It seems that in this era there are no shortages of mere mortals who believe that with their knowledge that they can re-engineer nature to suit their own imaginations which are no less motivated by profit dollars; the best science is the best profit margins and nature is made to conform. I have yet to discover a funded/true science that says: this is what it is, and now leave it alone. Science is now bought and it has been made political. In this era the plants are not perfect, animals are not perfect, insects are not perfect, fish are not perfect, and human bodies are not perfect, but somehow accepted are the minds of select humans in what they do, or wish to do, is perfection. As with all failed experimentations, how do you “reel it back in” after its release, and at what human and monetary costs? The bees, animals, and plants are forced to live in our scientifically approved chemically polluted environment and now they are no longer perfect and require genetic reconstruction to suit. Perhaps Amy and Ian can demonstrate their knowledge of DNA and create some out of thin air or glue all of the elements together and make a working model of DNA by their own doing. In other words, Create the working DNA of the Bee without the use of a Bee. If they cannot perform this task then there is nothing they know about DNA that even matters.
    Have we forgotten the past and the escape of the genetically altered Killer bees?
    Keep spraying and offer the bee’s DNA coping skills.

  • ed

    Diversity of traits makes everything strongest. Does one trait do best under one particular circumstance. Maybe! Not a good plan, unless you are selling a dream and then selling the multitude of solutions to the clusters of disasters caused by that unicorn based product. This is all profit based and carefully engineered over just the right period of time to pull off a Pump and Dump caper. The bag carriers are often completely unaware of the scam. A job is a job, right. Mankind’s solid belief in magic and money much of the time allows this stuff to work and then like a good phone scam it collapses and moves on. Some wiser, most not, and a few very much richer. “Buyer Beware” is the old saying, more often it should be “Buyer Befleeced”. Over and over again. Solid track record, why not, right. It doesn’t have to make sense!