Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe puts power behind handle

The Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe is manufactured in Sweden. It has a 20 inch hickory wood handle and a six inch long carbon steel head with three inch wide blade and weighs 2.1 pounds.

This medium-sized axe is designed for hunters going on extended trips into the wild, providing excellent balance and chopping power for only a moderate amount of carry weight.

I was pleased to see after an initial inspection of the axe that the wood grain in the hickory handle was properly aligned and seated in the head with both a timber wedge and binding staple.

It is important to make sure the handle wood grain runs with the swinging action to ensure maximum tool strength.

A well-seated axe head with wedge and staple bolsters overall safety, which is of particular importance when in the wild and away from emergency medical services.

The handmade head was expertly crafted and had first-rate edge geometry using carbon steel. A quality-made small leather sheath safely covers the blade edge for when the tool is not in use.

The Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe is expensive compared to basic axes available at big box stores. It is probably not a sensible purchase for those who would use the tool only a few times a year.


However, the cost is definitely worth it for those who use an axe on a regular basis or are looking for a quality item for extended woodland trips.

I will always defer to professional lumberjacks because they have experience and knowledge in the axe craft that goes beyond my own.

However, I have spent a considerable amount of personal time becoming familiar with the theory and use of axes. There is a certain kind of joy one gets from recognizing and using a well-made tool.

The balance and power of this Wetterlings axe model makes it stand out compared to the more common tools I have found at traditional department store retailers.

For those who use an axe infrequently, it can be confusing as to which would suit their purposes.

When choosing a general purpose axe, grasp the head with the edge forward and tuck the handle under your arm. The tip of the handle should sit comfortably inside your armpit.


This is a great way to get started, but be aware that many specialized axes are available in the market that have features and requirements that extend beyond this basic sizing approach.

The smooth hickory handle felt good in the hands and provided superb leverage in the chopping action for its length.

The axe head design coupled with the curve of the handle made the accuracy and action easy and natural.

The blade edge geometry and head design made for surprisingly easy cuts.

The Swedish carbon steel held its edge and sharpened well. Working with the axe felt natural and almost effortless.

The Wetterlings Large Hunting Axe costs around $110 but is a remarkable tool that would serve any owner well for years to come. The handmade, quality head can be easily re-handled when required and is worthy of being passed on from generation to generation.


Kim Quintin is a Saskatoon outdoor enthusiast and knife maker. He can be reached for column content suggestions at kim.quintin@producer.com.

Kim Quintin is a Saskatoon outdoor enthusiast and knife maker. He can be reached for column content suggestions at kim.quintin@producer.com.