VIDEO: Smoke, sizzle, squeal, chatter: Sights, sounds and smells of the World Pork Expo

Do you like the smell of pork ribs baking in a cloud of maple and alder wood smoke?

Do you like to hear the sizzle of hundreds of pork sausages on a flaming grill?

Do you like to feel the snout of a show pig sniffing your pant leg as you walk past her pen?

Do you like to see hog farmers and industry people from around the world gathered together under unsettled Midwest skies?

Do you like to know you’re in the centre of the pig universe?


Me too!

That’s why I cobbled together this video of the sights, sounds, suggestions of smells, and sense of what it’s like being at the World Pork Expo, where I spent much of last week:

Give’er a click and travel back with me to Des Moines to experience a bit of what I experienced last week at the Ex, where there’s always something smoking and sizzling.


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  • Richard

    Thank for clarifying that the big brown things people were riding, were not in fact pigs !

  • Richard

    No video of Ed “gargantuan feast” White chowing down that big burger?