TerraLUX LightStar 100 economical, durable, efficient

The TerraLUX LightStar 100 is a compact, general-purpose flashlight.

The LED emitter can be set to three modes with the tail click button:

  • 100 lumens with a run time of two hours
  • 50 lumens with an 8.5 hour run time
  • strobe

The flashlight is four inches long, 7/8 inch in diameter, weighs less than three ounces and uses a single AA battery.

The housing is made from aluminum and its design is water resistant. It comes with a clip, nylon holster and wrist straps , which enable a variety of carrying options.

The light beam produced by the flashlight has a bright hot spot at the centre with a small outer spill area. Its illumination is sufficient for most indoor purposes when working in tight areas, as well as outdoors for short distances.

Although overlooked by most people, a good flashlight is an almost indispensable tool because or primary environmental sense is sight.

When many people think about a flashlight, they either think about a bulky unit or something so tiny its illumination is nearly useless. They dismiss carrying such tools on a daily basis.

However, the TerraLUX LightStar 100 is small enough for easy carrying and can provide enough light for momentary needs.

These models fit comfortably inside the front pocket of most pants or bags without bulk and weight. They are the sweet spot of power and size for easy carrying. Once you start carrying a flashlight like this one, it will be difficult not to wonder how you got along without one.

You will constantly find yourself in situations that are made better by having one on hand.

I carried a TerraLUX LightStar 100 clipped inside my left hip pocket for nearly a year. I benefited from its presence almost daily and never regretted carrying it.

My flashlight runs on one AA battery but some models use the more powerful CR123 batteries. I prefer flashlights that use the more commonly available AA batteries because they are inexpensive and easy to find.

My testing of the TerraLUX LightStar 100 encountered no problems for many months. I never used the strobe function but figured it might have been helpful in alerting others of my location.

It would make an excellent choice for a personal flashlight. It is inexpensive and well worth the investment.


Kim Quintin is a Saskatoon outdoor enthusiast and knife maker. He can be reached for column content suggestions at kim.quintin@producer.com.