Alberta guide addresses landowner questions

EDMONTON — Confused about property rights in Alberta? So are a lot of people.

A Guide to Property Rights in Alberta, was released during the Alberta Land Institute conference May 7.

“There is a great deal of confusion among Albertans as to which expectations, with respect to land, are going to be protected,” co-author Eran Kaplinsky said in a news release announcing the guide.

“The two most common questions are: just how far can the government go in regulating my land and will I have recourse of the courts to be entitled to financial compensation under government regulations?”

The guide contains information on property rights and the law, compensation mechanisms and a review of existing legislation.


“In the last six years, the Alberta government has passed new laws that many people have viewed as imposing serious restrictions on the rights to use property,” said co-author David Percy.

“What struck me is the enormity of the disconnect between what people believed property rights were and what the law actually said property rights are.”

The guide was produced by the Alberta Land Institute, an independent research institute based at the University of Alberta, which conducts research and policy for better land management.

The guide can be found at property