Video: Canada’s Weekly Farm Update – March 22, 2014.

In this week’s video:

Prairie grain shipments are showing signs of improvement; Road bans are coming on in some rural municipalities; Back-to-work legislation contemplated for the truckers’ strike affecting the Port of Vancouver; Concerns over Ukraine’s corn production because of the crisis in Crimea; Hog and pork prices posted new records; Michele Payn-Knoper, an author, food commentator and social media expert, says farmers can give consumers insight and perspective about today’s food production; Cami Ryan, a research associate at the University of Saskatchewan, says that different streams within agriculture need to stick together because when they attack each other it hurts the entire ag sector; CHS bought 16 Canadian ag retail locations from Crop Production Services; McMillan’s Markets; Joanne Paulson looks at how agriculture might be affected by the budgets tabled by the Prairie provinces in the Editor’s Notebook; John Gavloski, Manitoba Agriculture entomologist, discusses why farmers should consider beneficial insects before they spray for pests; A new herbicide tolerant system is coming for canola; A toe tapping, knee slapping, two step’n good time at the hall in Elstow, Saskatchewan with a band including Charlie Smith, his wife Marj, daughter Celeste, and friends Alf Epp and Brendan Varcoe, providing the entertainment.



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  • Terry

    Well the women who speak about working together and not bashing each other as farmers have hit the nail on the head…
    …Now think about it: 1/ the crow rate (big fight) 2) GRIP (big fight) 3) Gmo (big fight) 4) farms getting bigger (put your neighbours out of business) 5) less farmers should be less fighting 6) wheat board (big fight) 7)rail problems (good luck fighting the big boys)

    This sounds like our mothers saying just get along boys and the alpha males in their minds saying screw you.

    Let’s knock the alphas down (big farmers, big business and big government) let’s remove Ritzy from his seat (by his ear) and LETS PLAY NICE.

    Overproduction always leads to lower price so smarten up boys and stop trying to get the whole pie for yourselves.

    Time for a female agriculture minister?
    Smaller farms mean faces on fields and food . It’s ALL about accountability. Something our government doesn’t seem to care about anymore or set a very good example (big shots)