Canola Council of Canada in San Antonio – Video

Here’s a little video summary of what I saw last week down at the Canola Council of Canada annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Lots of stuff was discussed, but I chose to hone in here on what strikes me as the biggest question dealt with there: what needs to get done to get farmers to an average of 52 bushels an acre and the Prairies to 26 million tonnes per year of production by 2025 – and what could mess that up.

(The first fellow I speak to is Brett Halstead from Nokomis, Saskatchewan. The still photos are of people who spoke at the convention. And if you find this vid amateurish, so do I, but I do my best. Stay with me. I’ll get better in coming months. I’m new at this.)





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  • Desmond

    What the heck is the Canola Council doing in Texas. Are they there for business or for the party?