Alberta wants farm safety off ‘to do later’ list

Farm Safe Plan | Pilot program includes equipment inspections and emergency response plans


  • Agriculture ranks as Canada’s third most hazardous industry.

  • There were 1,769 agricultural fatalities from 1990-2005.

  • Agricultural machines were in-volved in 70.9 percent of fatalities.

  • Of those fatally injured as a result of agricultural work, 91.6 percent were male.

  • For children aged 14 and under, the most predominant causes of farm-related fatalities for children younger than 14 were: 

  • machine runovers, 41.9 percent

  • drownings, 15.2 percent 

  • machine rollovers, 11.1 percent

  • animal related, 6.5 percent

  • crushed under an object, 
5.1 percent

Source: Alberta Agriculture