WP livestock report

Hog prices steady

U.S. hog prices varied little as cold weather and icy roads made transportation to packers difficult.

Slaughter was affected by plant closures caused by bad weather.

A larger Saturday slaughter was planned to make up for lost time during the week.

Tyson Foods said the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus is expected to contribute to a two to four percent decrease in U.S. pork production this year.

Iowa-southern Minnesota hogs delivered to packing plants sold at $60-$61 US per hundredweight Jan. 31, about steady with $60-$60.50 Jan. 24.

The estimated pork cut-out value was $89.30 per cwt. Jan. 31, up from $88.11 Jan. 24.

Estimated weekly U.S. slaughter to Feb. 1 was 2.132 million, down from 2.222 million in the previous week. Slaughter was 2.169 million last year in the same week.

Bison prices steady

The Canadian Bison Association said Grade A bulls younger than 30 months in the desirable weight range were in balanced supply. Prices reached as high as $3.85 Cdn per pound hot hanging weight. Grade A heifers sold at prices up to $3.70.

Cull cows fetched prices as high as $2.10 in limited trade.

Animals outside the desirable buyer specifications may be discounted.

Sheep mostly steady

Beaver Hill Auction in Tofield, Alta., reported 845 sheep and 79 goats sold Jan. 27.

Wool lambs lighter than 70 lb. were $125-$164 per cwt., 70-85 lb. were $135-$161, 86-105 lb. were $138-$149 and 106 lb. and heavier were $134-$149.

Wool rams were $45-$75 per cwt. Cull ewes were $45-$65 and bred ewes were $70-$135 per head.

Hair lambs lighter than 70 lb. were $115-$149 per cwt., 70-85 lb. were $130-$155, 86-105 lb. were $130-$146 and 106 lb. and heavier were $128-$135.

Hair rams were $50-$70 per cwt. Cull ewes were $51-$90.

Good kid goats lighter than 50 lb. were $160-$227.50. Those heavier than 50 lb. were $177.50-$227.50 per cwt. Nannies were $62.50-$87.50 per cwt. Billies were $95-$120.

Ontario Stockyards Inc. reported 783 sheep and lambs and 74 goats traded Jan. 27. All classes of lambs sold steady to slightly higher on a light run. Sheep basically sold steady, except for fatter types. Goats were steady.


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