Zinc additive approved

A Calgary-based livestock feed manufacturer has received approval to distribute a new zinc additive for hogs, poultry, sheep and cattle.

Canadian Bio-Systems (CBS) obtained registration approval last week for BioZinc 20X, a nutritional supplement designed to slowly release zinc into an animal’s system. The product is made in the United States by Agranco Corp. but will be distributed Canada-wide by CBS.

Initial focus will be on the product’s application to swine diets, said CBS technical services director Rob Patterson. 

“The main purpose is to increase the digestibility and absorption of zinc so you get the full effect with lower doses,” he said.

High levels of zinc oxide are put into swine feeds to control E. coli infection and improve nutrition and animal performance. However, it is not easily absorbed in the gut and some is inevitably excreted, where it enters the environment.

BioZinc 20X has a soy-based coating that hides the taste of zinc and allows it to release slowly within the animals’ gut.

“With our product, you can use a low level of our BioZinc and get the same effect as a high level of zinc oxide,” said Patterson.

The dry product is applied to feed and given to piglets in the 35 to 45 days after weaning.


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