XPO organizers plan hay display

Organizers of a new forage competition hope to receive more than 100 entries of hay, haylage and silage from across Canada.

“We encourage people to show off their hay,” said Ray Robertson, manager of the Ontario Forage Council and organizer of the Milk Maker Forage Competition.

“Forage has not received the same recognition as the cereal industry,” said Robertson.

The top six entries will be displayed at the Canadian Dairy XPO in Stratford, Ont., in February.

The dairy expo and the hay competition are based on the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin, and its hay competition, which has operated for 34 years.

The Canadian Dairy XPO hoped to attract 4,000 people to its first event last year, but 11,000 people attended.

Robertson talked to organizers of the hay competition at World Dairy Expo for tips and what to avoid.

The samples will be judged using a lab analysis and a visual grade.

He expects most of the entries to come from Ontario, but there have also been inquiries from Manitoba.

“I would expect Alberta to have some. Alberta is always boasting they have the best hay,” he said.

Robertson said it is a fun, friendly competition to promote forage.


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