B.C. chickens will soon be on video

A short movie about chicken production in British Columbia will be supported by the provincial Buy Local campaign.

The B.C. Chicken Growers Association will use $15,500 from the campaign to give consumers information on how chicken is produced on family-run chicken farms. B.C. has more than 300 chicken producers.

A B.C. government news release said the video will aim to debunk the myth that chicken is produced with hormones and steroids. As well, it will show broiler chickens are raised in free-run conditions rather than cages, and have free access to food and water.

The B.C. poultry industry generates almost half a billion dollars for the economy and is the second largest agricultural industry in the province.

“Our hard working B.C. chicken farmers are located throughout (the) province and their high-quality product is consistently in the top five commodities in terms of farms sales each year in B.C.,” said provincial agriculture minister Norm Letnick in the news release.