St. Gregor homecoming, July 30-Aug. 1, 2005. Book your holidays now, join the fun. For further information, contact: Marianne, 306-366-4709 (days), 306-366-2191 (evenings).

Makwa and district history book, 475 pages with pictures covering Makwa, Sandy Ridge, Blueberry, Silver Grand, Deer School, Ferris, Morin Creek and Rabbit Ridge, $30 plus postage. – Makwa Homecoming Committee, Box 134, Makwa, Sask. S0M 1N0.

Round Hill and district celebrates Alberta’s 100th anniversary with a homecoming, July 22-24. Would like to have mailing addresses and/or phone numbers, e-mails or fax numbers of former residents and their descendants so that invitation notices could be sent out. School districts: Dinant, Grand Forks, Kulawy, Lake Demay, Meldal, Round Hill, Shelburne, Standard and Swea. Contact: Tom Nahirniak, Box 55, Round Hill, Alta. T0B 3Z0, ph/fax: 780-672-6021.



    I would love to be able to purchase the book Makwa and district history book for my cousin inlaws mother.
    Mrs Duprey was her maiden name and several of her family members are listed in this book, she just recently found out about this book and now is quite anxious to have her own copy. Mrs Duprey lives in Fort St. John now
    so if you still have a available copy I would be happy to purchase and send to her. lynn halstead 604-467-4364 or above email address thank you so much

    • Paul Yanko

      Hi Lynn,

      You’ll have to contact the Makwa Homecoming Committee to purchase this book:
      Makwa Homecoming Committee, Box 134, Makwa, Sask. S0M 1N0

      Paul – WP web ed